The role of gospel music in my secular world.

Last night the otherworldly Michaela Coel won an Emmy for her writing on her series, I May Destroy You. She is the first Black woman to win this award. Yes, Black women still have “firsts” in the television world. While I…

Tales Of A Black Mom In Advertising

In the spirit of International Women’s Month I’m excited to share a piece of work I had the pleasure of contributing to. These thoughts are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the agency and organization I worked for during the time I wrote this.

How Facebook and our own human nature are going to make for a really scary 2016 election year.

I’m pretty worried about the upcoming election guys. In fact, my biggest fear right now is that most Americans will get their political news from Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not afraid that these platforms don’t offer credible news — I really believe they can and…

Tales from a social engagement manager that played the good guy and managed to learn from it.

I’m not a big basketball fan. I inherited my favorite team, The Los Angeles Lakers, at an early age and tuned in to see them actually play an average of 2 games a year. Somehow, I got the assignment of helping develop the social strategy for my then client State…

Iyana S

Strategist / Consumer of Cold Coffee, Data, and Culture/ Mama

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